About Us

Danny's PastriesDionisios (Danny Katsaras) was born in Katerinin, Greece in 1946 and orphaned at the 18 months.  Post WWII and during a Civil War in Greece, Danny and his sister were split and Danny being the older of the two children was raised by his Grandmother.  

By the age of 7, Danny was working in a bakery cleaning trays and selling bread rolls at the beach in summer.  It was quite the norm back then for very young children to work and help support their families.

At the ripe old Age of 13, Danny moved away form home and started his Greek Pastry Chef apprenticeship.

Danny worked all over Greece by the time was was 21 and migrated to Australia to work for the Department Store Mark Foys in 1968.  

And this is how his Greek/Australian story began.

For the next 45 years Danny worked in various roles as head pastry chef and ran and operated many businesses.

In 2003 Danny and his children ran and operated various Dream Cakes stores and wholesale. In 2014 the last store was sold and the era of Danny's Pastries was born.

A niche wholesale manufacturing business, focused on hand made gourmet traditional Greek Cakes and Pastries selling into cafes and restaurants.

Danny's delicious pitta and desserts became started an online store which grew tremendously through the pandemic and so did our loyal customer base.

Through word of mouth Danny’s Pastries products became a staple treat in many family homes and businesses around Melbourne.

In 2022, Danny’s Pastries upgraded to a specially designed factory in Dandenong to qualify for a HACCAP program and is now trading as Dream Pastry Products.

Our new chapter will now be focussed on specialising in pastries and catering and our production is set to increase more into the wholesale market. 

We will be open for pick ups every Friday and Saturday and will continue to offer our specialty seasonal products such as Vasilopita and Tsoureki via our online store. 

We are pleased to provide our products for all your catering needs. It is our honour to serve you and to fill your lives with Traditional Greek favourites. 

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